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Everyone knows what a pain it is when you have a plumbing problem. With some of the heritage buildings in Mount Pleasant plumbing can be expensive.  At Pro Vancouver Plumbing, we are experts in getting the job done right and cheap.  We understand that you may be in a heritage building, a condo, or perhaps even you have commercial plumbing needs.  All of our plumbers are trained to handle all sorts of problems.  Since our plumbing trucks come equipped with all the required tools and a full range of replacement parts, you will find that we do not need to leave the site, which saves you time, money and stress.  So go to our contact page and send us an email or call us directly at: 604-265-5511 and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.


Emergency Plumbing

We at Pro Vancouver Plumbing are the first to say that you may need a plumber at hours outside of your normal office hours.  This is why we offer emergency Mount Pleasant Plumbing services.  If your basement is flooding and you need it dealt with right away, don’t hesitate to call us.  Water leaking through your roof.  No problem.  Give us a call and we will send a plumber to your Mount Pleasant location as soon as possible.  For a more in depth look as to what sort of plumbing services we offer, just go to our services page.


Mount Pleasant Clock

The famous Mount Pleasant Clock

Outside the Mount Pleasant Plumbing Area

No problem.  We service most of the greater Vancouver regional district.  If you live a long way outside; we still advise you to give us a call.  We may still be able to make the journey.  You never know, we may already have a plumbing truck close to you.  For a better list of where we normally service you can go to our service area page.

Do you really need a plumber?

We get this question a lot.  Pro Vancouver Plumbing knows that it can get expensive.  This is why we strive to make it as cheap for you as possible without compromising quality of work. Having said this we have included a link to an article that has a check list of things that you yourself can do before you feel the need to try to bring in a Mount Pleasant Plumber.  Please feel free to do your research, but remember that things can get complicated quickly and this is why your best option is to give us a call at: 604-265-5511  and explain your problem to one of our representatives who are more than happy to answer your questions.

New To The Mount Pleasant Area?

When first moving to the Mount Pleasant area, make sure that your new home has proper plumbing. Inspect all faucets, make sure that no drains are clogged, that your dishwasher works as well as making sure that you washing machine is indeed hooked up to your plumbing system. Make sure you flush the toilet and test any other plumbing that you use.

During this day and age in Mount Pleasant and indeed all of greater Vancouver; it is important to check everything thoroughly before signing your lease. Because of the very low occupancy rate for renters, landlords have now for years been able to rent units without addresssing proper plumbing concerns. This goes the same for if you are buying a home in the Mount Pleasant area. Check your plumbing!!! Are a DIY kind of person? Not sure of some of the licesnes needed or requirements? Visit the BC Housing website for more information on what is required by law.  If you are at all concerned, then make sure that you give us a call at Pro Vancouver Plumbing at: 604-265-5511 to get a plumbing expert over to make sure that everything is in order.

The Mount Pleasant Community

The Mount Pleasant community is a unique and vibrant part of Vancouver. Residing in East Vancouver, it is steeped in heritage buildings, small business, community centres and many tourist attractions. Chinatown, Tea Park, Brewery Creek and Strathcona school all are part of Mount Pleasant. It has vibrant food and entertainment selections. Some of which we have included in the short video of where to eat in Mount Pleasant.  Feel free to check out more information about Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant district.

Please note that currently at this time, Highmark Plumbing services our Mount Pleasant Service area